Exhibitions form one of the strongest direct awareness campaigns.  It is usually the first meeting between business and client, where information can be exchanged immediately between the two parties.  

The potential client must be able to determine what the exhibitor is trying to communicate via an informative but clear message, in seconds – the time it takes to walk by!  Bold statements and logos must be incorporated to keep consistency and ensure that it is obvious.

Corporate gifts are also a good form of media to work along side the printed literature.  Items are often kept and they can form part of an “ice breaker” when trying to capture the passer by.

It's exciting taking your shop front to  a ready made audience.

Route Marketing Ltd can assist at any level with exhibitions from initial concept to attending the day itself:

  • Source suitable exhibitions for your company
  • Handle bookings
  • Pre-event marketing
  • Organise Sponsorship
  • Design, print and prepare all sales literature/DVD presentations
  • Design, print and prepare exhibition stands/panels
  • Design and create exhibition “buildings”
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Source suitable equipment
  • Set up and break down of all exhibition items
  • Provide sales representation
  • Follow up campaign after the event