We are not a telesales call centre; we are a marketing company that uses the phone as a vehicle for lead generation. This is telemarketing.

For over 15 years, we have engaged in telemarketing to provide a long-term quality lead generation process, not a short-term “numbers game”. Telesales is working from A to Z, telemarketing is contacting A until he is ready to buy whilst putting B aside if they are going to waste your time.

We provide our clients with opportunities to meet with potential prospects or obtain the final sale over the phone and act as though we are where you are based.

Based in Kent and London, we work for clients across the UK and are adept at understanding your local regions. 

We only work with clients who want to be provided quality telemarketing appointments and who are committed to maximising their lead generation and sales potential.


As standard, we also provide the following as part of our contract:


  • Detailed monthly activity reports 
  • Professional copywritten sales letters and e-mails
  • Managed appointment diary
  • Regular contact 
  • Personal Service with Telemarketing Executives working on your account


In order to begin your campaign we must discuss what industries and data to contact and consider if your company branding is portraying the correct image? Both these points will play a massive part in the success of your campaign. Is your website up to date? Have you a sales database or list you work from?

Please look at our Telemarketing FAQs section for further information or call us on 01227 722722